At Last,… a simple syntax spinner plugin that spins all your WP posts & pages content on demand or by scheduler!

If you’ve been looking for ways to serve up fresh content to Google on a regular basis to improve you page relevance, or if you’re a niche marketer that needs to deploy multiple sites in the same niche without content duplication, then your search is over because you’ve just found the ideal solution.

In a nutshell,- here’s what WP-AutoSpin does,…

It takes your syntaxed page or post content that you created with your favorite spinning software (e.g. The Best Spinner, Spin-Rewriter, SpinChimp etc) and spins it inside the page editor on demand or using a scheduler so that you get multiple unique versions of the page served to the browser.


Unique Features Include...

Spinning up to 4 levels deep (allows nested spins) : Spin text, images (& titles), hyperlinks : Click to “Spin Now” or “Once Every 1, 7, 14, 21, 30 days” : Spins Post & Page titles without damaging permalinks : Schedule spins and hide editor from view (set & forget) : Auto-pilot  the spin schedule (set & forget)

3 simple steps and you are READY to GO!

1. Paste In Your Syntaxed Text (including page/post title), 2. Add Your Images (multiple if desired), 3. Choose to “Spin Now” or “Spin Later” (page autosaves)

It Doesn’t Get Any Simpler Than This!

    ... But why would someone want to spin content over again (daily, weekly, monthly) once its already been spun?

[Answer] Some people may choose to simply spin once and then edit and fine tune, perform SEO, format page and leave it like that. This is common with niche site marketers that want variety but with more control over phrasing and grammar.

But some marketers are looking for added SEO value obtained when Google sees them adding new content so therefore they could set up WP-AutoSpin to spin once every 1, 7, 14, 28, or 30 days so that all the content changes and that includes the title (page/post title). When Google spiders the site they see this as fresh content and so give the page better ranking and the site marked with a higher relevance or active authority site status. The choice is yours to use the powerful WP-AutoSpin features as you choose.


Overview Of The Main Feature points:

1. PASTE IN YOUR SYNTAXED TEXT (including page/post title)

2. INCLUDE IMAGE URL’S (& alt names and titles)

3. SPIN NOW - SPIN LATER (1 – 30 day scheduler)

4. GENERATES UNIQUE CONTENT (non-duplicate copy)

5. AUTOMATED FRESH CONTENT (gives better page rank)

6. SUPER SIMPLE TO USE (video instructions & full support)

30 Day No-Quibble Refund

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